1 ENJOYMENT (U) the feeling of happiness or satisfaction that you get from an experience you enjoy: The children used to get a lot of pleasure out of that game when they were young. | give/bring pleasure: Small gifts give pleasure and don't cost much. | great pleasure: a film that has given great pleasure to millions
2 ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE (C, U) an activity or experience that you enjoy very much: the simple pleasures of life | it is a pleasure to do sth: It's been a great pleasure to meet you.
3 take pleasure in to be pleased about and proud of something: He took great pleasure in his grandchildren's achievements.
4 take pleasure in doing sth to enjoy doing something bad to other people: Charlie seems to take pleasure in bullying the younger kids.
5 (it's) my pleasure spoken used when someone has thanked you for doing something and you want to say that you were glad to do it
6 with pleasure spoken used to say politely that you are happy to do something that someone has just asked you to do: “Will you come?” “With pleasure madam.”
7 have the pleasure of (doing) sth
a) formal to enjoy the experience of something: I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting your wife.
b) humorous used when you do not think something is enjoyable: We had the pleasure of Rob's company last week.
8 at his/her Majesty's pleasure BrE law if someone is put in prison at his or her Majesty's pleasure, there is no fixed limit to the time they have to spend there
9 at your pleasure if you can do something at your pleasure, you can do it when and as you want to
10 sb's pleasure formal what someone wants: You can go there if that's your pleasure.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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